Writers Wanted: Contribute to the Website

Who I am.

First off, my name is Jeff Hansen, operating out of Beverly Hills, and I love Baseball. Base ball is a team sport that brought a fractured country a together in friendly competition. I am looking to work with passionate fans of the great sport of baseball who feel that they can contribute to growing the webpage. My readers enjoy fast and easy access to everything Beverly Hills Baseball club related. However, other voices are encouraged to participate in the creation of this websites article resources. If you have a love for baseball and a passion for writing I would love for you to contact me and submit any material you would like to have considered for posting. However, there are other ways to contribute to the creation of this page, for those who run a company with a product or service that you believe our readers should know about I would be happy to consider any articles about said products or services.

How to Contact Me.

You can find out more about this opportunity by following the link located here.

I hope to hearing from you soon.