Websites to Visit

Great Gear Sites

Underarmour’s Official Baseball Page : For quality gear from a brand our team loves, check out Underarmour’s official baseball gear site.

MLB gear homepage : Want to hit and catch like the pros? Visit the gear page for the Major Leagues and find balls, bats, gloves and more.

Custom Wood Bats : If you are more interested in supporting a locally-owned crafter, consider purchasing from Gravity Bats in North Carolina.

Nike Cleats : For strong cleats and shoes that are tried and true, check out Nike’s selection of baseball cleats.

Rawlings : The pros use Rawlings, and you can too! Check out their site here for a list of bats, gloves and other gear.


Getting Ready For the Season

Men’s Fitness Workouts : Feeling out of shape? These workouts are designed specifically for men who are planning on playing baseball.’s tips : is one of the internet’s best body-training resources, and they are no stranger to baseball.

AZ central : For tips from someone who knows the heat, check out AZ Central’s guide to getting in shape for the season.

Tips From Jillian Michaels: If you would like some professional advice from a fitness coach and a doctor, look no further than this page!


Fun Reading

The Origin of the Baseball Mitt : Ever wonder why baseball mitts look the way they do? With this in-depth article from Smithsonian, you’ll find out!


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