Beverly Hills Baseball Club

Who are we?

Beverly Hills Baseball Club is a community baseball club that plays weekly and travels locally to compete against other area┬ábaseball clubs. We were founded in 1964, and we’ve been going strong ever since! We place you on the team┬ábased on your tryout results, but we make sure that everyone who wants to be part of the baseball club is welcomed in.

Our Philosophy

We at the Beverly Hills Baseball Club believe in two things: an open learning environment and a safe place to play baseball. We are non-discriminatory, meaning we are co-ed and do not turn you away because of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or ability. In order to better serve our members, we offer weekly “fun meets” — which serve as both practices and community outreaches. We take these times to practice our skills, as well as spending half an hour after practice to discuss volunteering opportunities. In addition to practices and meets, we also schedule monthly volunteer opportunities. Most recently, we partnered with our local high school’s special education department to host a baseball fun run. We believe equally in promoting baseball and promoting community values.

Required Equipment and Things to Know

There are certain pieces of equipment that each member of our baseball club needs to have if they want to be part of the traveling team. Those include decent playing shoes (cleats preferred), a baseball glove, a bat, and a ball. Because we believe in inclusivity, we do offer used piece of equipment for lower-income members. We also have a scholarship available if you cannot afford monthly due, travel fees or any other piece of equipment. Membership is $8 a month during baseball season, and dues go toward our uniforms and scholarship.

When does the season start?

Our season starts annually the first week of April and goes until the last week of September. Tryouts are a week prior to that. We recognize that your time is valuable and you might not have the time to go to all meets, so if you are unable to make a practice or a meet, all we ask is that you let us know one week prior and we will fill in your spot.

Still want more baseball even after the season is done? Then we are the right club for you. While our meets and tournaments are only during season, we do events all year round as a club (our holiday party is a member favorite!) Baseball is a lifestyle for us.

More Questions?

This page is meant to inform, but we realize that it probably won’t answer all of your questions! If you have any further questions, please reach out to us here.